In a blink the swift changes of impermanence may arrive, Sentient beings are drifting in the ocean of suffering, This altruistic session born of sober clarity is all too precious, For all beings this sadhana is practiced to realize Amitabha. All things are conditional phenomena, Mutually dependent and coexistent; Renouncing antagonistic discriminations, All appear as original purity in oneness. Visualize the whole Dharmadhatu return to original purity, and appear as boundless sky-blue light. Visualize that all the four classes of saints and the six realms of sentient beings appear from this blue light. Visualize that one's father and mother are to the right and left side, all beings related to one through past karma to the front, and the rest of the sentient beings behind.

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Search this site. About Khenpo Karten Rinpoche. Propitiating the Devas of the Four Elements. Sukhavati Sadhana. Amitabha Puja in Nepal. Amitabha Puja in Malaysia. Photo Gallery. Press Clips. Contact Us. Essence of Buddhism through Four Nobel Truths. Thoughts and Reflections Blog in Tibetan. March 10 Statement Essence of Buddhism.

Dharma in Common Language. Heartfelt Advice of Dharma Nectar. Books by Khenpo Karten. I promised him that I would do so, and from then until now these teachings have been of quite some benefit to people from all over the land of Tibet, and it is my wish and prayer to accomplish the benefit of living beings through this Sukhavati Sadhana for as long as I have left to live.

Expenses for the Nepal Sukhavati Puja. This concerns the direct form of transmission, while the continuous transmission from one individual to the next cannot be listed definitively. The four causes are keeping the paradise in mind, accumulating virtue without limit, generating the mind of awakening, or Bodhicitta, and dedication of the merit and prayer, and the benefits of constantly pursuing all four are great. By completing my prayer, may they reach there in the very next life!

Or in case they were reborn in the hells, Amitabha himself would instantly come to lead them to Sukhavati. In their present li ves too, they would live long and in good health, protected against the harm caused by enemies and obstacles, able to fulfill their every wish, and eventually attain Buddhahood.

The Reason For Practising The Sukhavati Sadhana There are Sadhana-s for many paradises, such as the eastern realm of Abhirati, the southern realm of , Amoghasiddhi in the north and the central realm of Akanisthakhecari, as well as the western realm of Sukhavati, each of which is the paradise of a different Buddha. However, except for those who can fulfill a large number of preconditions, such as having monastic vows, conduct bound to the ten virtues, and a physical body qualified by the Karmically granted eight freedoms, it is not easy to be reborn in these paradises.

How is the Sukhavati Sadhana different? In the final period of the prevailing world system, sentient beings naturally tend to engage in nonvirtue without restraint, and as a result, disease, conflict and famine and suchlike become most widespread in this world, and sentient beings become mired in suffering, like a blind person wandering in the middle of an open wilderness, and in such bleak times, the Buddha-s and Bodhisattva-s have decided to send Amitabha to the aid of all beings as their common representative.

Amitabha himself has undertaken not to forsake a single being until all have been delivered to Sukhavati, and solely for t heir benefit he watches over beings throughout the six phases of day and night like a mother caring for her only child, so that there is no need for any of us to wonder whether we will really be reborn in Sukhavati by applying ourselves to the four causes, and all should be convinced of it.

Breakfast was taken at Recitation of the Sukhavati Sadhana began at until and lunch served at During the Puja participants did not eat meat or take food in the evenings. The afternoon sessions went on until On the first day participants take breakfast and a midday meal, and on the second day they abstain from eating or drinking.

Meanwhile they do not speak except for their recitations. Through the pledge of lord Amitabha, this Sukhavati Sadhana is easy to do, brings great benefits, and swift rewards, yet although many Nyingma monasteries in Nepal and India have been arranging Drupchen ceremonies, no-one has being arranging Sukhavati Pujas, and so we would like to request the faithful public to provide donations in accordance with their means for this to continue.


Amitābha and Sukhāvatī Series

Search this site. About Khenpo Karten Rinpoche. Propitiating the Devas of the Four Elements. Sukhavati Sadhana. Amitabha Puja in Nepal. Amitabha Puja in Malaysia.


Amitabha Unification Sadhana






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