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Quick Links. Download this manual. Android 2. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Google Android 2. Summary of Contents for Google Android 2. All rights reserved. Page 4 Contacts Opening your contacts Adding contacts Importing, exporting, and sharing contacts Adding a contact to your favorites Searching for a contact Editing contact details Communicating with your contacts AUG Page 6 Responding to a message Starring messages Working with message in batches Composing and sending email Working with account folders Appending a signature to your messages Adding and editing email accounts AUG Page About This Guide This guide describes how to use release 2.

This guide does not describe the physical features of your phone its parts and accessories, how to replace its battery, turn it on , and so on or its specifications; Page 12 Checking the news and weather on your Home screen or in detail.

Page 14 About this guide AUG Page Android Basics Home screen, the touchscreen, menus, applications, entering text, and so on. Page Resetting Your Google Account Password Important If you want to restore your settings to this phone, from another phone that was run- ning Android release 2. If you wait until after setup is complete, your settings are not restored. Date and time the date and time on your phone.

Touch the Launcher icon to open the Launcher and view all your applications. Drag the lock icon to the right. The last screen you were viewing opens. Page Using The Touchscreen Android basics Using the touchscreen The main way to control Android features is by using your finger to manipulate icons, buttons, menu items, the onscreen keyboard, and other items on the touchscreen.

Opens Google search by voice. Opens a menu with options for Airplane mode, for Silent mode, and for powering off the phone.

Quickly increases the ringtone volume to maximum or mini- mum. Options menus Options menus contain tools that apply to the activities of the current screen or application, not to any specific item on the screen. You open options menus by Not all items have context menus. Page Managing Notifications The Notifications panel displays your wireless provider and a list of your current notifications.

Notifications about ongoing activities are listed first, followed by Notifications about events, such as new mail notifications or Calendar reminders. Touch a notification to open it in its application. Page 30 Close the Notifications panel Drag the tab at the bottom of the Notifications panel to the top of the screen.

Or just press the Back The panel also closes when you touch a notification to respond to it. Page Using The Onscreen Keyboard In others, you touch a text field where you want to enter text to open the keyboard. Page 33 Many people find the larger, horizontal onscreen keyboard easier to use. You can control whether the screen changes orientation automatically when you turn the phone. Page Entering Text By Speaking If the onscreen keyboard does not display a Microphone key turned on or you have it configured to display on the symbols keyboard.

Touch Voice input. Touch the option for where you want the Microphone key on the main keyboard or the Symbols keyboard. Page 36 You can edit the text that you enter by typing or speaking. You can delete it, or you can continue entering text to keep it. Touch to enter text by speaking. The selected text is highlighted in orange, with a tab at each end of the selection.

Page 38 If you touch Cut, the selected text is removed from the text field. In either case, the text is stored in a temporary area on the phone, so that you can paste it into another text field.

Page 39 Touch Paste in the menu that opens. The text is inserted at the cursor. The text that you pasted also remains in a temporary area on the phone, so you can paste that same text in another location.

You can quickly switch among your applications, to work with several at once. Touch an icon to open its application. Or press Back AUG Page Locking Your Screen The next time you turn on your phone or wake up the screen, you must draw your unlock pattern or to enter your PIN or password to unlock it. You can also download widgets from Android Market. Folders Add a folder where you can organize Home screen items, or folders that contain all your contacts, contacts with phone numbers, or starred contacts.

Page 44 Touch Save or Set wallpaper. Rename a folder Touch the folder to open it. Enter a new name in the dialog that appears. Touch OK. Page Connecting Quickly With Your Contacts As you build up your list of contacts on your phone, you can use Quick Contact for Android in many applications to quickly start a chat, email, or text message, to place a call, or to locate your contacts. Quick Contact for Android is a special icon that you can touch to open a bubble with options for quickly initiating a connection to that contact.

The battery status charging, discharging and level as a percentage of fully charged are displayed at the top of the screen. Page 47 AUG Page 50 Market or other sources. Touch the All tab to view all the applications installed on your phone. The list includes applications that are bundled with your release of Android and applications you downloaded from Market or other sources.

Touch the USB storage or SD card tab depending on your model of phone to view the applications installed there. If you installed the application from Android Market or another source, you can use the Uninstall button to remove the application and all of its data and set- tings from the phone.

Page 52 Many large applications are designed this way for exactly this reason. Touch an item to reopen it. Touch headings for earlier downloads to view them.

Touch a download to reopen it. Check items you want to delete. Page 55 Check items you want to delete; then touch Delete. Press Menu forth. Page 56 Android basics AUG Page 59 APN and detailed settings from your provider. To configure the phone with a fixed IP address and other advanced settings, press Menu Advanced.

Page 62 Wi-Fi network. In the Wi-Fi settings screen, check Network notification. You can uncheck this option to stop receiving notifications. Touch Forget network in the dialog that opens. Check or uncheck Bluetooth to turn it on or off. Page 65 If the pairing is successful, your phone connects to the device. Page 66 You can unpair a Bluetooth device to erase all pairing information about it. Disconnect your phone from the computer Warning! Page 68 Touch Erase.

On the screen that warns you that formatting will erase its contents, touch Erase. For the most current information about which operating systems support USB tethering and how to configure them, visit android. Page 70 , and touch Settings to open the Settings , press Menu , and touch Settings to open the Settings , press Menu is added to the Status bar and Notifications panel. Touch Save. Page Connecting To Virtual Private Networks If you are disconnected, you receive a notification that you can use to return to the VPN settings screen so that you can reconnect to it.

In the dialog that opens, touch Delete network. Page Working With Secure Certificates You can now use the certificate that you installed when connecting to a secure network.

Page Configuring Internet Sip Calling Wi-Fi network , just calls to Internet calling addresses, or to ask each time you place a call. Or just press Back and touch Save. Or touch Remove account. Page 76 Unchecking this option does not prevent you from receiving calls; it just makes it unlikely that your phone will be available to receive a call at the moment someone tries to call your Internet calling address. Touch to erase a digit. The duration of the call. Touch to enter additional numbers during your call.


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