Search OAC. What is OAC? Collection Title:. Guide to the Antiquities of Mexico, proof sheets. No online items.

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Search OAC. What is OAC? Collection Title:. Guide to the Antiquities of Mexico, proof sheets. No online items. View entire collection guide. PDF Entire Collection Guide. Online Items. Collection Overview.

Table of contents. This collection contains original proof sheets for Lord Kingsborough Edward King, 's landmark publication, Antiquities of Mexico: comprising fac-similes of ancient Mexican paintings and hieroglyphics, preserved in the royal libraries of Paris, Berlin and Dresden, in the Imperial library of Vienna, in the Vatican library; in the Borgian museum at Rome; in the library of the Institute at Bologna; and in the Bodleian library at Oxford.

Together with the Monuments of New Spain, by M. Dupaix: with their respective scales of measurement and accompanying descriptions. The whole illustrated by many valuable inedited manuscripts, by Augustine Aglio. London: A. Aglio Vols. Havell Vols. Bohn Vols. Antiquities of Mexico made available facsimiles of Mesoamerican pictorial codices, many for the first time. Kingsborough employed the Italian artist Agostino Aglio to create drawings from manuscripts held in European libraries.

The first volumes appeared in Production required thousands of pounds of paper, and costs reached the tens of thousands of Pounds Sterling causing financial difficulty for both Kingsborough and Aglio. Publication contiuned until , reaching nine volume, and plans for a tenth which failed to materialize before Kingsborough's death. Irish peer Lord Kingsborough initiated, financed, compilied, and edited nine published volumes of ancient Mexican manuscripts and paintings preserved in various libraries throughout Europe as well as other pictorial physical remains.

The published work known as the Antiquities of Mexico took approximately 18 years to produce and the last two volumes were published after Kingsborough's death of typhus in a Dublin debtors' prison.

Property rights reside with the repository. Any applicable literary rights would reside with the creators of the documents or their heirs. To obtain permission to publish or reproduce, please email sutro library. The collection is open for research. Please page materials three business days in advance of your visit by email: sutro library.

Detailed List of Contents. Volume 1. Volume 2. Copy of a Mexican MS. Preserved in the Library of the Vatican. Volume 3. Miscellaneous materials.


Antiquities of Mexico v.2 (1831)

Antiquities of Mexico is a compilation of facsimile reproductions of Mesoamerican literature such as Maya codices , Mixtec codices , and Aztec codices as well as historical accounts and explorers' descriptions of archaeological ruins. It was assembled and published by Edward King, Lord Kingsborough , in the early decades of the 19th century. While much of the material pertains to pre-Columbian cultures, there are also documents relevant to studies of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Antiquities of Mexico was produced to make copies of rare manuscripts in European collections available for study by scholars. The work consists of nine volumes, each published in a large elephant folio format. It was originally planned as ten, but Lord Kingsborough died before the full work could be completed.



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