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To stay independent, free, and sustainable, our community needs the help of friends and readers like you. See all those languages up there? We translate Global Voices stories to make the world's citizen media available to everyone.

Submitted addresses will be confirmed by email, and used only to keep you up to date about Global Voices and our mission. See our Privacy Policy for details. Zambia has in recent weeks been faced with clamours of secession by one of its regions with which it merged at independence from Britain in October to form a unitary state. The region now known as Western Province formerly Barotseland was an autonomous region before independence headed by the Litunga , king of the Lozi people.

The people calling for secession have alleged that successive Zambian administrations from the first president Kenneth Kaunda who signed the Barotseland Agreement five months before Zambia attained independence, to Frederick Chiluba, to the late Levy Mwanawasa, and now Rupiah Banda, have ignored the spirit and letter of the agreement. It appears the secessionists were emboldened after the Barotse Royal Establishment BRE made submissions to the National Constitutional Conference NCC draft constitution, demanding the acknowledgment of some provisions in the Barotseland Agreement of in the new constitution.

The Constitutional Conference refused to acknowledge the agreement. This, however, is not the first time that Lozis have raised the issue of the agreement. In , just over three years after Chiluba took over from Kaunda, a group of prominent Lozis gathered in Lusaka to discuss the issue which somehow fizzled out until this year. This matter just wont go away, had I been Banda, I will sit down with all stakeholders to find a solution before the country break outs into civil strife.

When a national politician cannot sing the national anthem in Western Province, I would say things have gone far enough.

Who is really behind this barotseland secession movement? Do they have any better intentions for the people of Western Province that the national leadership?

Or are their intentions worse? This is why I am generally against devolution from national government to provincial government, because of the chance of simply exchanging a national elite for a regional elite.

Decentralize power to the district or even better local council level, and a lot of problems will go away. Including the idea of secession for Barotseland. What Zambian must be asking themselves is whether they are any different from other Africans living under civil wars, said Kamuyongole Manyekaela :.

What Zambian must be asking themselves is whether they are any different from other Africans living under civil wars. Like, are there structural conditions — social, political or economic — which make Congo, Sierra Leon etc more prone to civil war than Zambia?

The evens unfolding in Barotseland clearly shows we are equally prone to these conditions. We are basically at war brothers and sisters — mark my word. The Lozis should be given their freedom, argued Inkuba TI :. I think the Lozis must be granted their freedom instead of hanging around with corrupt,thiefing so called leaders. Western province is very province and is best managed traditional land for interest of community not individual exploitation.

Keep it up guys. Pukuchwe Munyelela Siliba wrote :. A story is told of a jackal that urinated and defacated in the well after it drunk from it, forgetting that on its way from this long journey, it will need to refresh from the same well. We all know what happened to it. The people who urinated and defacated on the Barotse agreement after the signing of this agreement brought the independence of Zambia will have themselves to blame when this country is set alight.

The blood of innocent people who will perish from such a civil war will surely cry on their heads. Remember that Zambezi River from which Zambia got its name flows through the Barotseland territory. Mulozi asked why the Zambian government is ignoring civil war in the making:.

Why is govt ignoring this potential civil war in the making. All ring leaders should be hunted down and locked up on treason charges. These characters are embarassing us real lozis. They dont even understand what they are fighting from. For more than 50 years before zambian independence, barotseland benefitted from financial support from the british mornachy; how much of it trickled down to lozis who are not members of the royal family? The royal family monopolised all the wealth and sent their kids to US and UK university while the rest of barotseland wallowed in poverty.

We dont want to return to such nonsense. Arrest these fools pliz and save us all this embarrassment. Why is government trying to prematurely burry this matter? This is an issue which had been takled and presented before our authorities since s. This year we saw the Lozi people reinforcing it again in the draft constitution so that it wud be become law. Our forefathers taught us, guided us, led us and still their spirits are drilling us to take action else we remain stagnat.

Shikapwasha will bear the blood of the Lozis who will perish in any blood shed because we are not prepared for war but dialogue and our plight recognised.

Circulating material considered as seditious is very dangerous. Further, how sure are you that what you are circulating is the genuine Barotse agreement of ? I urge all Lozi speaking people to remain calm and I also implore the MMD government to call these people to the table and discuss, dissect and agree wayforward concerning the BA.

Utuele bu kuba nja tuwee…. Please check spellings before posting, especially in headlines. In short, all Lozis will cease to be Zambians forthwith. Then all Zambians in Barotseland will be kicked out and head back home to Zambia and take over jobs left behind by Barotse natives; All lozi ministers and ambassadors will lose their jobs. It will be interesting to see Barotseland import food from Zambia. Bottom line is: if the agreement is genuine, then the right thing to do is to restore it…put Army trucks on stand by to ship Lozis back home; Rid off the military of all Barotse natives, etc.

You can read the text of the agreement from a post published in June, by Namakando Nalikando-Sinyama and another one in Zambian Watchdog. Barotseland is a Facebook group where discussions are going on about the Barotseland Agreement. Nshinka Lupupa wrote :. Let's reject tribalism. The Barotseland Agreement was not meant to create another country, I have shared a link to the full Agreement. Please take your time to study it before promoting matters you do not understand.

Paletsa Nasilele wrote :. Barotse guys ar mekin it hapen in mongu. Rhodesia 31 Oct Sir Ronald Bell: …, and we got none. Indeed, I was involved in the negotiations for the independence of Zambia at the time of the break-up of the Federation, because I was professionally instructed on behalf of Barotseland.

Kaunda and all those with him made it clear that if we sought to impose conditions which they did not like they would sweep them aside as soon as they obtained their independence…. Zambia 26 Jan Sir Ronald Bell: Has any recent communication from the Government of Zambia to the Prime Minister referred to the unilateral abrogation by that country of the Barotseland Agreement of ?

If so, what representations has the Prime Minister made in reply? Aden 19 Jun Mr John Lee: …untouched. We know what is happenning there now. We tried to do the same thing in Uganda and there was the rift between Buganda and the rest of the country.

We attempted it to some extent in Rhodesia, with Barotseland, but this attempt was squashed. We have given independence to undemocratic Lesotho…. Whatever is the case with the Barotse Agreement, the Zambian government has a duty to sit down and discuss this issue with all parties concerned before Zambia in particular, and Africa in general, is plunged into yet another needless and avoidable conflict. Global Voices stands out as one of the earliest and strongest examples of how media committed to building community and defending human rights can positively influence how people experience events happening beyond their own communities and national borders.

Donate now. These agreements entitled the kingdom to royalties from minerals mined from faraway Copperbelt Province. Barotse Crack Squad Allow me to air my views on the Killing, wounding and arresting of more than youths in Mongu over Barotseland of on the 14th January Our problems in Zambia arise from MMD bad government, corruption, unemployment and arrogance by the MMD leaders; I am a well educated Lozi young man with a two Degrees in Law and Commerce but still jobless for six years now.

I was one of the treason accused persons in Mongu, I had to escape from a containers at CCC were I was detained, we had no fresh air, food, water and medicine for five days and the wounded youth who were treated of gun shots wounds in Lewanika General Hospital were brought to CCC containers which are turned in police cells, life is hell for my fellow friend who are still in these containers, police in Mongu refused access to our parents, wives and children on conditions that we are charged with treason, we are praying and crying to GOD for freedom, development and secession of western province.

Reports were going to the Human Rights Commission on the violence of right to food, water and treatment. I was detained on condition of being a youth and from compound were activists come from.

On the 14th January , I was home with my wife in fear of the 14th January meeting. The Barotse Crack Squad needs active sons and daughters of the Barotseland who are committed to die for its secession and development of western province Barotseland through gun shooting brought by Rupiah Banda to unarmed citizen of Barotseland, I am in Angola were am seeking for asylum because my life is now at sake. The government must at all time respect fundamental human rights which include the right to life, treatment, freedom of speech and assembly, without a police permit in a democratic country.

Zambia is not a peaceful and democratic nation, only the fools will say Zambia is a peaceful and democratic nation. This was a public meeting for Lozi families to speak has a family not to fight anyone or to talk about secession of western province, Barotse Royal Establishment and George Kunda come up with the secession of western province not the movement because of the brown envelope , I would love to testified in the court of law if gave change to do under the protection of another country, not the Zambian security men.

I would love to stated to all the movement members that, we have drawing a plan for total Bloodshed toward the elections in Western province and we use every force to create no go area for Rupiah Band, King Lubosi , Mkhondo Lungu and the MPs for Western Province.

If we are a terrorist organization we would have bombed him on 5 January. For more information, comments and contribution read Barotse Issues on my Facebook and blog. Mataa Mwiya Former treason accused detained Angola. The strength of every nation lies in the unity of its people. So i strongly feel the Lozis should stop acting like the Nazis and respect that. There is only one Zambia and we cannot afford to destroy it on the basis that the so the lozis signed an agreement with a foreign nation for whatever reasons.

It is our responsibility to preserve our nation. So get what you have left and build on that to develop yourself other than wasting time on reaping apart what you have.



It is the homeland of the Lozi people or Barotse , [1] or Malozi, who are a unified group of over 20 individual formerly diverse tribes related through kinship, whose original branch are the Luyi Maluyi , and also assimilated northern Sotho tribe of South Africa known as the Makololo. The Barotse speak Silozi , a language most closely related to Sesotho. Barotseland covers an area of , square kilometres, but is estimated to have been twice as large at certain points in its history. Under the British colonial administration, Barotseland was a Protectorate of the British Crown from the late 19th-century. The Litunga, the Lozi word for the king of Barotseland, had negotiated agreements, first with the British South African Company BSAC , and then with the British government that ensured the kingdom maintained much of its traditional authority according to the Litunga. Barotseland was essentially a nation-state, a protectorate within the larger protectorate of Northern Rhodesia. In , Barotseland became part of Zambia when that country achieved independence.


Full Barotseland agreement of 1964

Whereas it was proposed that the northern Rhodesia shall become an independent sovereign state to be known as the republic of Zambia. Citation and commencement This agreement may be cited as the Barotseland Agreement and shall come into force on the day on which Northern Rhodesia, including Barotseland, becomes the independent sovereign Republic of Zambia. The Constitution of Zambia The constitution of the republic of Zambia shall include the provisions agreed upon for the inclusion herein at the constitutional conference held in London in May, relating to:- a the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the individual; b the judiciary; and c the public service and those provisions shall have full force and effect in Barotseland. Administration of Justice 1 Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the people of Barotseland shall be accorded the same rights of access to the high court of the republic of Zambia as are accorded to other citizens of the Republic under the laws for the time being in force in the Republic and a judge or judges of the high court selected from among the judges who normally sit in Lusaka shall regularly proceed on circuit in Barotseland at each intervals as the due administration of justice may require. The Litunga and His Council 1 The government of the republic of Zambia will accord recognition as such to the person who is for the time The Litunga of Barotseland under the customary law of Barotseland. Land 1 In relation to land in Barotseland the arrangements set out in the annex hereto shall have effect.


Barotseland Agreement 1964 Document

In a news article, Muchala W. Below is an article published by The Barotseland Post :. The Barotse national government BNG , as it was called, was separate from the Northern Rhodesia government NRG , although they both shared the same colonial administration. Muchala W.

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