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Click on image for details. Paederus dermatitis is an irritant dermatitis caused by pederin, a toxin produced by the rove beetle Paederus. The disease occurs worldwide, but it is often not recognized as a history of contact with the insect is frequently absent.

It is commonly seen in the rainy season. Crushing the insect releases pederin, resulting in the characteristic linear lesions with a burning sensation that heal with hyperpigmentation. Treatment comprises immediate washing of the area to eliminate the toxin and topical application of a topical steroid-antibiotic combination.

Preventive measures may include reducing the insect population in the surroundings, avoiding contact of insects with the skin, minimizing the lesions after contact.

Awareness of the etiology and clinical manifestations makes it easier to suspect this condition even in the absence of a history of exposure to the insect. We present a comprehensive review of the etiopathogenesis, pathology, clinical features, treatment and prevention of Paederus dermatitis and also review the biology of the insect and its behavior.

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Blister beetle dermatitis

Blister beetles are long, narrow plant-feeding insects Meloida that vary in color from yellow to gray. They live in flower beds and grassy fields, and congregate around outdoor lights in the evenings. That is, until you develop a blister or welt that matches the description of blister beetle dermatitis. Read on to see pictures and learn more about these beetles, including how you get blister beetle dermatitis, how to treat it, and how to protect yourself. Blister beetle dermatitis results from contact with a blister beetle, not from an actual insect bite.


Blister Beetle Bites

Blister beetle dermatitis is a cutaneous condition that occurs after contact with any of several types of beetles , including those from the Meloidae and Oedemeridae families. The term "blister beetle dermatitis" is also occasionally and inappropriately used as a synonym for Paederus dermatitis , a somewhat different dermatitis caused by contact with pederin , an irritant in the hemolymph of a different group of beetles, the rove beetles. After skin comes in contact with cantharidin, local irritation begins within a few hours. Treatment:- Wash with soap and water. Cold application Topical Steroid and Antihistamines application. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blister beetle dermatitis Specialty Dermatology Blister beetle dermatitis is a cutaneous condition that occurs after contact with any of several types of beetles , including those from the Meloidae and Oedemeridae families.

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