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This manual will help You toinstall, use and maintain the unit properly. Table of contentspage1. Preliminary information Recommended solid biomass fuel properties — wood pellets Pellets classification, considering their physical propertiesaccording to the methodology developed by ERATO company Combustion process adjustment Combustion process adjustment algorithm Adjustment of the thermal capacity of the system : automatic pelletburner and hot water boiler Decreasing the thermal capacity of the burner Increasing the thermal capacity of the burner Turning the burner OFF Demonstrating and teaching the end user about the maintenance andadjustment procedures of the system : pellet burner and hot water boiler Operation faults and repairing procedures The boiler is steel plate welded construction and is designedto be manually fuel coal or wood charged through an opening in the upper partof the boiler, closed by a cast iron door.

Ash residue removal is manuallyrealized through the lower door of the boiler as well. Figure 1. The burner isdesigned to be installed on already operating heating boilers or other equipment,thus allowing fuel switch procedure to a renewable energy sources - biomass.

The heating boiler or heat consumer could be based on fossil fuel as follows: oil,gas, wood, coal, etc. The installed burner operates on densified fuel - woodpellets and the thermal energy, resulting from the intensive combustion processis directed to the heat exchange surfaces of a boiler or another thermalconsumer.

The wood pellets allow high level of automation of the operatingprocess of such kind of equipment, thus achieving high level of comfort andcompetitive price of the heating energy, delivered by utilizing biomass fuel. However, the wood pellets are solid fuel as well and ash residue results from thecombustion process, realized by the automatic burner, due to their natural ashcontent.

In principal the ash residue quantity is much less compared to the coalor wood logs. The ash residue is deposited on the internal surfaces of the boilerand need manual cleaning regularly in order to sustain high heat exchangeintensity between the hot flue gases and the water jacket of the boiler. However, the price of the achieved heat energy iscompetitive to the price of the above mentioned energy sources as well as thewood pellets are local product, less influences by the world trends of energysources prices and is ecological and environmentally friendly.

Clean thoroughly the internal heat exchanging surfaces of the boiler— clean ash residue, char and tar deposits, which could increase thethermal resistance of the surfaces and reduce the overall efficiency ofthe boiler;1. Take apart the lower door of the boiler by unscrewing the fixingnuts of the door to the heat exchanger;Fixing nuts of thelower door of theboilerFigure 1.

Dismount the upper front grate element, by lifting its end and byrotating the element, it should be detached from the supporting footstepand should be removed out of the combustion chamber. Dismount the sleeve fixing splint pit, which transfers the movementof the ash moving lever to the moving grate. The sleeve should beremoved and the grate should be detached from the mechanism;Sleeve fixing pit,which attachesthe lever and themoving gratemechanismFigure 1.

Grate moving mechanism;p. Fixing splint pit, washer and axis, detached from the gratemoving mechanism of the boiler;1. Dismount the three grate elements should be detachedsimultaneously, they are lever attached the grate elements, by liftingtheir right ends and freeing their opposite end from the their footstepsand remove the grate out of the combustion chamber;Figure 1.

The grate elements are dismounted from their supportingfoot-steps;1. The side air flaps which control the tertian air flow rate of theboiler should be closed;Explanation : The status i. Dismount the air flow control thermo-valve, which controlsthe combustion process of the boiler at manual operation of theboiler.

Attention : before the thermo-valve is dismounted, the circulating water shouldbe drained out of the boiler. Then a bi-thermostat or any appropriate control module is mounted — for more information see information below;After the operating control module the bi-thermostat is mounted, the boilershould be filled with circulating fluid and air freed as well as the entire heatingsystem;1.

The connection should be done by authorized technician only. ATTENTION : the boiler should be equipped with operating and alarmthermostat or a combination in a single module — so called bi-thermostat ,which controls the operation of the burner, following the electrical scheme,applied in its manual.

Install the fuel transport auger, which feed the burner,extracting fuel from a bunker. The fuel should be extracted fromthe lowest part of the bunker. In case that the bunker is made on site, then a socalled revision orifice should be made in order to allow easy service andmaintenance of the auger. Explanation : the angle between the axis of the fuel transport auger and thehorizontal plane directly influence the fuel flow rate, delivered by the auger.

Thus in case that the position of the auger has been changed i. These parameters determine the operating mode of theburner, i. It isrecommended to adjust the operation parameters by authorized personal only. The fuel flow rate could be calculated, based on itsflow rate at nominal thermal capacity of the burner.

In case that this requirement isnot fulfilled certain thermal damages could arise both at the combustionchamber of the burner or overheating of the heat exchanger of the boiler. The adjustment of operating parameters should be performed atnominal thermal capacity, i. The adjustment of the thermal capacity of the burner isrealized by adjustment of the fuel flow rate as well as the air flow rate in orderto achieve high efficiency.

In principal air excess ratio influence could be observed on figure 2. Theoptimal value of air excess ratio is achieved by precise adjustment of the airflow control flap as well as fuel flow rate. However, one should consider operating conditions of the burner in orderto achieve safe operation of the burner — there should be no hot flue gasesconvection through the fuel delivery pipe — this should be achieved by mutualadjustment of the fuel flow rate, air flow rate and position of the flue gas flap.

The combustion process adjustment should be realized, covering the flue gasesrequirements, according to EN — see table 2. The following table a passage consists of the upper limits of the flue gaspollutants, determined by EN p.

However, in case that the airflow rate is above certain optimal value, the air excess will result in decrease ofthe temperature in the zone of the combustion process, which will lead todecreased efficiency of the combustion process and partially unburned fuel aswell. The recommended value of air excess ratio is given in thepellet burner specifications, however the flue gases limits requirements shouldbe satisfied as well — the flue gas measurements are performed by gas analyzerdevice.

The adjustment of the combustion process will be influenced by thefollowing factors, which should be considered:p. However, increasedair flow rate i. The abovementioned shows that precise adjustment of the operating parameters, whichdefine the combustion process should be performed by authorized and trainedtechnician by flue gas measurement, utilizing gas analyzer.

It is stronglyp. Decreasing the thermal capacity of the burnerIt is performed by decreasing the operating parameters of the burner,which define its thermal capacity and will result in decreased fuel flowrate;p.

Decreasing the airflow rate is performed by closing the air control flap, in reverse —increasing the air flow rate is performed by opening the air flow controlflap;Attention : adjustment of the operating parameters, which define the thermalcapacity of the burner should be performed by authorized technician or trainedend user, in order to achieve optimal combustion process and reliable operationof the system. It is recommended to utilize gas-analyzer when adjusting theoperating parameters of the combustion process;2.

It is obligatory to performservice procedures and preventive observations of the unit by trained servicepersonal only as well as thorough cleaning at the end of the heating season. Completing these requirements will ensure long exploitation duration of thesystem: pellet burner and hot water boiler and their high efficiency andreliability. After the burner has beencooled down to ambient temperature, it should be switched off by turning off themain power supply.

It is recommended to clean the deposited ash thoroughlyboth of the burner as well as hot water boiler heat exchanging surfaces. Suchsituations are detected by the process control unit of the burner and it willgo into automatic protective mode in order to be protected as well as thehot water boiler. Demonstrating and teaching the end user about the maintenance andadjustment procedures of the system : pellet burner and hot waterboilerThe end user should read thoroughly the manuals of the pellet burner andthe hot water boiler.

Also the installer shoulddemonstrate and teach the end user how to adjust the thermal capacity of thepellet burner, according to the estimated heat consumption and initial fueltransport auger charging. Further information for pellet burner maintenance could be found in itsmanual.

Detailed information for any operating faults ofthe burner as well as the boiler are given in their respective manuals. Thefollowing table gives additional information, which could be found useful for anissue investigation and failure overcoming process. No Operationfault1. No fuelignition2. Flue gases areemitted out ofthe boiler4. Short-link Link Embed.

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