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Moderators: User administrators , Moderators. Return to Mechanical. Users browsing this forum: dkenington and 17 guests. Advanced search. Help needed with a new carb! Big lumps of metals and spanners. Including servicing and fluids. Moderators: User administrators , Moderators Post a reply. Re: Help needed with a new carb! I thought it was a bit strange that Heritage only show the carb from one side whereas any new carb advertised always has views from all angles.

This is a Brosol carb and made in Brazil. I have done a bit of digging and the other side of the carb is interesting because it is a 2e2 type bottom section as used on a Golf 2 and where the waxstat would normally sit is empty.

The Pierburg one is specifically shaped to allow the throttle arm quadrant to rotate upwards and with this Brosol unit there is a protruding section that will foul the movement of the throttle arm. The choke unit looks similar to those used on some Ford vehicles where the protruding section housed a temperature sensor.

I cannot see the detail, but concern is also on the mechanism for the warm-up phase for the carb. It is all very well having the thing run when the engine is hot but the clever bit on a carburettor is the correct cold start and warming up, that is unless you want to sit there with your foot on the throttle for 10 mins.

I must admit I am not convinced. Perhaps Steve would upload some photos of the carburettor that he says are an updated version. That would clarify the concerns that the carburettor is very much a compromised solution. Unless you put it on a rolling road with a known good engine and compare a rebuilt Pierburg 2e3 to a copy 2e3 you won't know, chances are these are jetted similar with similar venturi diameters but it may not be exactly the same you are right.

You pay your money and take your choice, time is another factor Bromyard will rebuild for a bit more but you have to wait, I have a spare so I could afford to wait but many people can't. See HERE for a picture. It's listed as for an auto, but the only difference is a slightly different accelerator pump injection quantity to smooth take-off on the auto, which will work perfectly fine and run beautifully on a manual.

I have fitted a couple myself, and it's just been a case of fit and drive away. Starting, choke operation, mixture and running were all perfect with no adjustment needed as you'd expect. There is also a major difference in the throttle actuator operation for the auto transmission version of the Pierburg carburettor and which provides for higher rpm and retained for longer during the warm-up phase.

This is designed to compensate for the drag from the auto transmission. The manual version operates on a step down arrangement in order to make smooth gear changing during the warm-up phases over 10 minutes. I have noticed some carbs have a gradual curve on the fast idle cam, and some are stepped. Never knew why, so another brain hole plugged! Post a reply.



Moderators: User administrators , Moderators. Return to Mechanical. Users browsing this forum: dkenington and 17 guests. Advanced search.

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The company was founded in and operated in small rented properties Ipiranga in Sao Paulo. Initially only available as a 2 door Saloon with a 1. Visually the car was almost identical to the Opel Kadett C that would be launched in Germany later in August The Chevette became an agent of economic development with new auto parts suppliers, an increase in the number of Chevrolet dealers and associated industries being established. This model is now known as the Series I. The one model one trim policy continued until the middle of with the introduction of the higher powered.


Carburettor for 1,9 ltr DG engine (type Pierburg 2E), manufacturer Brosol VW 025129015F



Ford Escort XR3 1.8 Fórmula


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