Explore Now. An ashtakam is a poetic composition in Sanskrit of eight stanzas or verses, typically arranged as sets of rhyming quartets. Enjoy this collection of verses dedicated to Shiva, the Adiyogi. Chandrashekara Ashtakam is said to have been written by Sage Markandeya. In these verses, Markandeya seeks refuge in Shiva, referred to here as Chandrashekara the one who wears the crescent moon on his head. The Gurvashtakam exemplifies this cultural tenet.

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Labels 1. Discourses to Students 2. Experiences of Students 3. Conversations 4. Management Lessons 5. This Day That Age 6. Song for the Soul 7. Videos 8. Experiences of Teachers. Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Pahimam. Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Chandrasekhara Rakshamam. Ratnasaanu Saraasanam , Raajataadri Sringa Niketanam. Sinjinee Krita Pannageswara, Machyutaanala Saayakam. Chandrasekharamaasraye Mama Kim Karishyati Viyamah.

Panchapaadapa Pushpagandhi Padambujadwaya Sobhitam. Bhasma Digda Kalebaram Bhavanashanam, Bhavamavyayam. Mattavaarana Mukhya Charma Kritottareeya Manoharam.

Pankajaasana Padmalochana Poojiaanghri Saroruham. Chandrasekharamaasraye Mama Kim Kartishyati Viyamah. Yaksharaaja Sakham Bhagakshaharam, Bhujanga Vibhooshnam. Chandrasekharamaasraye Mama Him Karishyati Viyamah. Kundaleekrita Kundaleeswaara Kundalam Vrisha Vaahanam. Naaradaadi Muneeswara Stuta Vaibhavam Bhuvaneswaram. Andhakaanthakam Aasritaamara Padapam Samanaantakam.

Bheshajam Bhavaroginaam , Akhilaapadaamapahaarinam. Daksha Yagna Vinaananam Trigunaatmakam Trivilochanam. Bhukti Mukti Phalapradam Sakalaagha Sanghanibarhanam. Bhaktavatsala Marchitam Nidhimakshayam Haridambaram. Sarvabhootapatim Paraatpara Maprameya Manuttamam. Somavaarina Bhoohotaasana Somapaanilakhakritim.

Kreedayanta Maharnisam Gananatha Yootha Samamvitam. Poornamaayurarogataa Makhitartha Smapada Maadharam. I seek refuge in Him, Who has the moon, who made the mountain of jewels into His bow, who resides on the mountain of silver, who made the serpent Vasuki as rope, who made Lord Vishnu as arrows, and quickly destroyed the three cities, and who is saluted by the three worlds. So what can the God of death do to me? I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who shines with the pair of His lotus like feet, which are worshipped by the scented flowers of five Kalpaka trees, who burnt the body of the God of love, using the fire from the eyes on His forehead, who applies ash all over His body, who destroys the sorrow of life, and who does not have destruction.

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who is the stealer of minds because of His upper cloth, made of the skin of the ferocious elephant, who has lotus like feet which are worshipped by Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, and who has matted hair drenched by drops of the waves of the holy river Ganga.

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who is friend of Lord Kubera, who destroyed the eyes of Bhaga, who wears serpent as ornament, whose left part of the body is decorated by the daughter of the King of Mountain Himalaya , whose neck is blue because of the poison, who is armed with an axe, and who carries a deer with Him.

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who wears the ear studs made of a curling serpent, who is the great one being praised by Narada and other sages, who is the Lord of the entire earth, who is the killer of Antakasura. So what can God of death do to me?

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who is the doctor who cures sorrowful life, who destroys all sorts of dangers, who destroyed the fire sacrifice of Daksha, who is personification of three qualities, who has three different eyes, who bestows devotion and salvation, and who destroys all types of sins.

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who is worshipped as darling of devotees, who is the treasure which is perennial, who clothes Himself with the directions, who is the chief of all beings, who is beyond the unreachable God, who is not understood by any one, who is the holiest of every one, and who is served by moon, water, sun, earth, fire, ether, boss and the wind.

I seek refuge in Him, who has the moon, who does the creation of the universe, who then is interested in its upkeep, who at proper time destroys the universe, who lives in every being of the universe, who is plays day and night with all beings, who is the leader of all beings, and who is like any one of them.

He who reads this prayer, composed by the son of Mrukandu, who was fear struck with death in the temple of Lord Shiva, will not have fear of death. He would have full healthy life, with all grains and all wealth. Lord Chandra Shekara would give him salvation in the end. This Stotram is supposed to have been sung by Markandeya thereafter. Labels: 6. Song for the Soul , Shiva , Stotrams. Anonymous Friday, October 03, am. Anonymous Tuesday, February 24, am.

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Shiva Ashtakam



Chandrashekara Ashtaka Stotram



Chandrasekhara Ashtakam Lyrics in English – Astakam of Chandra Shekhara



Chandrashekara Ashtakam


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