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Pago seguro. Referencia Disponible el:. Anton N. Sidawy and Bruce A. Perler is a must-have for vascular surgeons, interventionalists, vascular medicine specialists, and trainees, as well as general surgeons, interventional radiologists, and cardiologists that depend upon "Rutherford's" in their practice.

Arterial Physiology Venous Physiology Venous Pathology Lymphatic Pathophysiology. Patient Clinical Evaluation Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Physiologic Assessment Vascular Laboratory: Arterial Duplex Scanning Vascular Laboratory: Venous Physiologic Assessment Vascular Laboratory: Venous Duplex Scanning. Arteriography Venography Radiation Safety Computed Tomography Magnetic Resonance Imaging Intravascular Ultrasound Section 5: Atherosclerotic Risk Factors Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: General Considerations Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Smoking Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Diabetes Atherosclerotic Risk Factors: Hyperlipidemia Preoperative Management Intraoperative Management Postoperative Management Section 7: Bleeding and Clotting Normal Coagulation Antithrombotic Agents Thrombolytic Agents Coagulopathy and Hemorrhage Hypercoagulable States Section 8: Complications Systemic Complications: Cardiac Systemic Complications: Respiratory Systemic Complications: Renal Local Complications: Graft Infection Local Complications: Aortoenteric Fistula Local Complications: Anastomotic Aneurysms Local Complications: Graft Thrombosis Local Complications: Endovascular Local Complications: Lymphatic Vena Cava Interruption and Pulmonary Embolism Chronic Venous Disorders: General Considerations Chronic Venous Disorders: Nonoperative Treatment Varicose Veins: Surgical Treatment Varicose Veins: Endovenous Ablation and Sclerotherapy Venous Tumors.

Lymphedema: Evaluation and Decision Making Lymphedema: Nonoperative Treatment Lymphedema: Surgical Treatment. Classificiation and Natural History of Vascular Anomalies Treatment of Vascular Tumors Surgical Management of Vascular Malformations Hemodialysis Access: General Considerations Hemodialysis Access: Dialysis Catheters Hemodialysis Access: Complex Hemodialysis Access: Failing and Thrombosed Hemodialysis Access: Nonthrombotic Complications.

Section Miscellaneous Vasculitis and Other Arteriopathies Thromboangitis Obliterans Takayasu's Arteritis Arterial Tumors Erectile Dysfunction Wound Care Spinal Operative Exposure Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Acquired Arteriovenous Fistulae. Technique: Open Surgical Technique: Endovascular Diagnostic Technique: Endovascular Therapeutic Technique: Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Autogenous Grafts Prosthetic Grafts Biologic Grafts Aortic Stent Grafts Non-Aortic Stents and Stent Grafts.

Section Cerebrovascular Diseases Cerebrovascular Disease: General Considerations Cerebrovascular Disease: Diagnostic Evaluation Carotid Artery: Endarterectomy Carotid Artery: Stenting Carotid Artery: Dissection and Fibromuscular Dysplasia Carotid Artery: Aneurysms Brachiocephalic Artery Disease: Surgical Treatment Vertebral Artery Disease.

Aortoiliac: Direct Reconstruction Aortoiliac: Extra-Anatomic Bypass Aortoiliac Disease: Endovascular Treatment Infrainguinal: Surgical Treatment Infrainguinal: Endovascular Treatment Nonatheromatous Popliteal Artery Disease Diabetic Foot Ulcers Amputation: General Considerations Lower Extremity Amputation: Techniques and Results. Upper Extremity Arterial Disease: Revascularization Upper Extremity Arterial Disease: Amputation


Rutherford's Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, 2-Volume Set, 9th Editionn



ISBN 13: 9788481749342




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