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Come to the stolen waters, And leap the guarded pale, And pull the flower in season Before desire shall fail. It shall not last for ever, No more than earth and skies; But he that drinks in season Shall live before he dies. June suns, you cannot store them To warm the winter's cold, The lad that hopes for heaven Shall fill his mouth with mold. Westward Ho! There's a damper in the ashes, tea and sugar in the bags, There's whips of feed and shelter on the sandridge for the nags, There's gidya wood about us and water close at hand, And just one bottle left yet of the good Glenlivet brand.

There are chops upon the embers, which same are close-up done, From as fine a four-tooth wether as there is on Crossbred's run; 'Twas a proverb on the Darling, the truth of which I hold: "That mutton's aye the sweetest which was never bought nor sold. The night's a trifle chilly, and the stars are very bright, A heavy dew is falling, but the fly is rigged aright; You may rest your bones till morning, then if you chance to wake, Give me a call about the time that daylight starts to break.

We may not camp to-morrow, for we've many a mile to go, Ere we turn our horses' heads round to make tracks for down below. There's many a water-course to cross, and many a black-soil plain, And many a mile of mulga ridge ere we get back again. That time five moons shall wax and wane we'll finish up the work, Have the bullocks o'er the border and truck 'em down from Bourke, And when they're sold at Homebush, and the agents settle up, Sing hey!

With A Hey And A Ho And A Txtng To-And-Fro It was a lover and his lass with a hey and a ho and a texting to and fro that o'er the sidewalks smiling pass with ringtones, with ringtones, with dotty ditty ringtones while cellphones ring hi! Then he loved the Way of Forgetting. Now under the pine-trees he is dust. His golden keepsake bought us wine.

Remembering, the tears run down my cheeks.


Ho Poems: Come Sirrah Jack Ho - Poem by Thomas Weelkes

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Come, Sirrah Jack Ho!



Come sirrah jack ho Ebooks



Come, Sirrah Jack, ho! - Serpent Publications


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