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Pollutants 3. In the event difficulty is encountered or anticipated in 3. The goal is to have required work completed within the original contract period. For reports required by 2. Submit one legible copy, in approved transferrable media, of 3.

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Sulfur content of fuel on a weight-by-percent basis. In order to use tbese emission factors in computerized data bases for the calculation of emissions for point sources, the emission factors must be related to Source Classification Codes SCCs , as defined. As with the regular NEDS sec listing, all emission factors in the enclosed report for PMlO are expressed as uncontrolled emission factors.

If AP presents only controlled emission factors for a particular process, no emission factor appears in the report. However, notes are included to indicate source cateyories for which controlled AP emission. Since PMIO control efficiencies may not be known to users for most sources, the control efficiencies needed to calculate estimates of controlled emissions may have to be estimated, probably with information from AP At present, PMlO emission factors are available for most major point source categories, but there are still many SCCs for which PM10 emissio" factors have not yet been developed.

New versions of this report will also be distributed. Burned Gal. Burned 3. Burned 7 Cu. Burned Tons Burned "7 ; Burned 10 Gal. Burned Ga1. Burned 11 11 Cu. Burned Ft. Burned Cu. Burned 6 Ft. Burned - Waste Oil Gal. Teflon - Acrylics e. Polypropylene - Vinyls e. Ton s Fe rt. Tons Fert. G ran. Gra n. Throughput Stor. Throughp:Jt Store Ca;. Throuyhput Store Cap. Throughput Store Cap. Throughput Gal. Oil Pro. Tons Ref. Head of Cattle Cap. Chickens No. Chickens Cap. Del int.! Processed Processed Processed Processed Processed?

Process Unit Yr. Input Tons Pro. Furnaces - Siliconmanganese: Elec. Tons Slag Transftd. Tons Sinter Pro. Tons Sinter. Tons Si nter Pro. Ore Processed Tons of Can. Or: Processed Tons of Con. Ore Processed Tons of Con. Ore Processed Tons of Lead Pro. Tons of Lead Pro. Tons Processed Tons of Raw Mat. Tons of Raw Mat. Tons of Raw! Tons Pellets Pro. Tons Pell ets Pro.. Burned Cu Ft Burned Gal. Burnld Gal. Tons Metal Pro. Metal Pru. Metal Prn, Metdl Pro.. Meta 1 Pro. Produced Produced Metal Pro.

Metal Pro. Tons jv1etal Pro. Tons Castings C1nd. Tons Metal Chrgd. Tons Lead Pro. Bu rned Gal. Tons Cement Pro. Tons Cement Pr0. Tons Input to Pro.

Finished Pro. Tons Finished Pro. Tons Topsoil Remd. Tons Ovrbrdn. Tons Coal Ld'd. Tons Matr1. Tons Matrl. Tons i4atrl.

Tons Raw Matrl. Processed Tons Raw t4at r1. Processed Tons Raw Matrl. Processed Tons 14atrl. Processed Tons Crude Gyp. Tons Limestone Procd. Tons Phosphate Rk. Tons Phospnate Rk. Area Tons Product Pro'd. Tons Product Prolrl. Tons Product Pro'd. Tons Mdtrl. Tons Mat rl. Feed 65 BBLs. Feed BBLs. Feed 0. Refinery Feed r o BBLs. Feed 1' 3 BBLs.

Refi ne ry Feed BoLS. Refi nery Feed BBLs. Feed Ref.


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