How to download handouts. CS handout Complete Lecture no. MCM - Communication skills. MCM - Journalistic Writing. MCM - Globalization of Media.

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Had him for a summer which lasted about 5 weeks. Very articulate and eloquent , so you will learn a lot from his lectures. Very organized and detailed and provides a ton of great handouts, mostly his own. He's understanding and considerate of student problems too, but there are students who probably take advantage of this. Matthew Posillico. Professor in the English department at Nassau Community College. I'm Professor Posillico Submit a Correction.

Professor Posillico's Top Tags. Gives good feedback Respected Amazing lectures Get ready to read Lots of homework. Flag this rating. Check out Similar Professors in the English Department 5. Dec 3rd, For Credit: Yes. He gives the most amazing workshops. I learned a ton from them. Respected Amazing lectures Caring.

Dec 30th, Gives good feedback Inspirational Respected. Jan 16th, Awesome professor very patient and understanding. Oct 2nd, Jul 8th, May 19th, A lot of reading but after all this an english class.

About essays during the semester. He does give good feedback and does allow for revisions to help improve grade. He's a very good teacher when it comes to the basics of writing, taught me more than i anticipated.

May 16th, Great class. You have to do a lot of reading and essays. May 6th, Dec 23rd, All around it was a great experience having him as my English prof. He was really helpful to me after class and in private conferences and he was always cool and interesting.

He tries to get everyone involved and is very considerate. Dec 21st, He gave us a quiz on MLA. ON MLA! Oct 9th, He tries to get everyone involved and is respectful of opinions but I wish he didn't because I would rather listen to him rather than students who never seem to add much of anything.

Super smart and unbelievable insights about things that you never thought about. Feb 26th, For Credit: No. I can't imagine anyone taking his class and NOT passing the exit exam into The guy has MAD teaching skills. May 22nd, Textbook: Yes. Very good professor. I learned a lot in his English technical writing class but it was very challenging class, however his teaching skills and accommodations really helped me do well in the class.

May 3rd, Very talented and dedicated teacher, he's generous with his time and will do all he can to help you after class. He accomodated me alot when Sandy wrecked my house.

Class is VERY challenging, you will learn how to many kinds of reports and documents and your final project is a long formal proposal. Good grammar is important to do well this class.

Aug 8th, Awesome professor. His expectations were very clear. Lets you revise papers for up to a letter grade higher. Very prompt to answer emails and willing to stay after class to help.

Take his class, you will become a better writer. May 11th, Had him for the grammar course. I took the same course last semster but dropped it because the teacher was absolutely horrible. Possilico explains things so clearly and he never runs out of patience with students. Its not an easy course but he makes it very interesting.

Dec 2nd, Textbook: No. Great teacher. His comments on the essays are longer than the essays themselves. He explains things very clearly and he will give you all the extra help you need after class. Aug 16th, Phenomenal teacher, great teaching ethics and rappor with his students, very smart but not the least bit arrogant, very interesting to listen to, never boring. Jul 15th, Prof Matt is a really great teacher he knows how to teach and he knows how to make you learn it my only complaint is that he is not very good at getting control of the class so we ended up wasting a lot of time but other than that he was a great prof and i recommend him to everyone.

Jan 12th, I had him as a essay brush up course teacher. He was a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher. He wrote constructive criticism in the essay assignments he gave us. All Rights Reserved.


ENG001 – Elementary English



ENG001 - Elementary English handout help material download



ENG001 Complete Handouts 1 to 45 lectures in signle pdf file



ENG001 - Elementary English help material download


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