Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Please Note The maximum allowable user weight is kg. Daum electronic gmbh provides a 24 months warranty for the device for private use, and a three 3 months warranty for commercial use. The warranty is voided in the case of improper utilisation.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Please Note The maximum allowable user weight is kg. Daum electronic gmbh provides a 24 months warranty for the device for private use, and a three 3 months warranty for commercial use. The warranty is voided in the case of improper utilisation. The load in watt is shown on the scale on the left side of the screen.

The training time is shown on the lower axis. In heart rate controlled programs the system displays beats per minute at the watt position. Press the info key to display information about the use of the menu. If you press the info key during a training workout session the system will display actual training and program data. This information will always be shown in the user window Turn and press the control button to set the day. Time Contrast 2. Page 9: Monitoring The Heart Rate Monitoring the Heart Rate Please take serious care to watch your heart rate while training and not to exceed the limits!

Health Beep Signal Example Hazard! Please menu choose Page 13 Training Program 19 Short 2 rainieren 30 Min. Every user can create one program of each of the following: watt, heart rate and speed controlled Watt pro-gram. Users number 1 to 3 can create programs with a duration of up to 60 minutes, user Heart rate number 4 can create programs with a duration of up to minutes.

This test uses the fact that the heart pulse rate increases linearly with the load. This is true only up to a certain pulse rate and load.

Heart rate at rest. Page Description Conconi-Test Description Evaluating the Conconi test After the achieved heart rates have been properly recorded in the protocol, you can proceed with the graphical evaluation of the Conconi Test.

Therefore construct a co-ordinate system as shown in figure 1 below. The horizontal axis X axis represents the performance in watt, starting with the lowest test value. Page 21 Conconi-Test Compensation training The compensation domain lies underneath 70 percent. In our example this represents the region below beats per minute.

Training in this domain is for active recovery. In our example this corresponds to to beats per minute. Training in this domain sets the foundation of the performance abilities. Personal performance evaluation The users must evaluate their personal performance capacities before starting a training with the Coaching program. The following section should help the users evaluate their own performance capacities: Beginner: The user does not have any training experience or practices physical activity only occasionally and very irreg ularly.

Thus the actual coaching program can only be continued on Monday of the following week. Obviously, each user is free to train with other programs during this waiting period, if his fitness condition allows it. Page Training Process Coaching 3. Training process The Coaching program can only help the user achieve his intended goal from training if the prescribed training units are run consciously.

This should be the normal situation! In the case that a user must deviate from the training plan prescribed by the Coaching program because of illness, vacation or others reasons, the Coaching program offers possibilities to adjust the training. Page Downgrading Coaching 4. Page 29 Coaching Notes about downgrading in the case of training interruption: We advise beginners or the lesser active sportspersons, in the case they need to downgrade following a prolonged training interruption, to downgrade farther behind than the program suggests.

The lost training is nevertheless very small and will be rapidly recovered. The training units set by the Coaching program can be different from the samples cases presented here e.

Page 31 Coaching Muscle build-up sample training for 6 training units per week This training type leads to improving fitness and endurance. In addition to endurance training units, you will be required in this program to run training units with low pedalling speed 60 RPM.

This will reliably increase your strength and endurance power, and support muscle build-up in a proportional way. Page The Relaxation Function The Relaxation Function Biofeedback process The relaxation function is a that is carried out by measuring the electrical resistance of the skin. The measured values are indicated by means of optical and audio signals. Biofeedback is thus the translation into perceptible signals of physiological processes occurring in our body, which our senses can barely, or not at all, perceive.

Page Transport And Storage Transport and storage Transport The rear standard feet are equipped with roller casters to ease moving the device. A handle is located in the left front longitudinal bar, you can pull this handle out after loosening the screw.

Use this handle to lift and move the device see illustration. Please take care to keep your back straight and to avoid injuries. Page Specifications Specifications Computer-controlled, full electronic eddy current brake Braking system: operating in the speed ranges shown in the diagram. Page Glossary Glossary Aerobic zone. The training phase during which the load on the muscles is enough to keep them supplied with oxygen, but not enough to cause an overproduction of lactic acid aching muscles.

Aerobics also makes use of the aerobic zone. Page 39 You can order an exchange unit from daum electronic GmbH. The defective unit can then be relatively easily replaced with the new one, without requiring any adjustment, by your dealer or a bike mechanic. Page Warranty Conditions If you wish to obtain more information on your device, you can visit our service and repair hints web site on Internet www.

Page Menu Diagram Menu diagram 1. Standard 1. Cool-down 1. Watt 1. Capacity test menu 1. Manual 1. Programs 1. Built in programs 1. Heart rate 1.

Strength programs 1. Special 1. RPM 1. Training 1. Personal programs 1. Page 42 Menu diagram 3. Bi rth date 3.

Gender 3. Size 3. Physical data menu 3. Weight 3. Personal data 3. Fat content 3. Settings 3. Limit values 3. Watt 3. Heart rate 3. Duration 3. Distance 3. Evaluation 3. Heart rate Heart rate Page Assembling Sample Diagrams - supplement to the Individual Program Heart rate Use copies of the following diagrams to design your speed controlled individual programs.

The manufacturer will not be held responsible for any damage done to the floor. We thus recommend installing the device on a protective base. Rust could develop, which would damage parts of the device and impair both the operating functions and the safety features.

Page 47 Installing the dashboard Connect the two cables X and Y by mean of the connector. Then raise the dashboard into position. Take care in doing so no to get the cables jammed or even severed. This assembly step is more easily executed with the help of a second person since the dashboard support column is heavy. Be careful to install the oscillating poles on the right side of the device.


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