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Remember Me. All finite element analysts know this experience — take a single piece of solid CAD geometry, auto-mesh it, apply the boundary and analyze the model. It will be quick, easy and you think you will have some results ready to document in time to leave the office at a reasonable hour… and then the model crashes and the goose chase begins.

Sometimes the simplest analysis projects can suck up a ridiculous amount of time. This presentation will walk through the standard analysis workflow from geometry to stress results and take a look at some of the common pitfalls. Along the way, we'll share with you some of our time saving techniques. We'll be working with solid geometry and tetrahedral meshes as we explore geometry preparation, mesh quality, model verification tools and finally, some recommended post-processing practices.

This webinar was held on: Thursday, June 7, am - am Pacific Time. Download Seminar Model Files We consistently create new seminars, whitepapers, and APIs. As well we are available for customized onsite training. Go to article


Minimize costly prototyping & bring your products to market faster

Remember Me. Fatigue failure is the fracturing of a given material due to cracks induced from cyclic stresses, and most engineering failures are caused by fatigue. What makes fatigue so dangerous is that the stress levels that cause fatigue damage are typically much lower than the yield strength of the material. This webinar discusses fatigue and how you can use FEA to prevent failures by using stresses extracted from the model to calculate the expected life of a product based on the material properties. We discuss how to create a robust clean mesh that will allow for accurate contouring of stresses so that meaningful values can be extracted and used for fatigue calculations. FEMAP v


FEMAP & NX Nastran Resources

Learn the basics of Femap with 6 videos that take you through the steps of creating and setting up a finite element model, analyzing it and reviewing the results. This video gives you a tour into the Femap user interface and its main components: the command interface, with various methods of inputting demands, the graphic windows and the tab and dockable panes. In this video the steps of setting up a model, defining the material properties, load and boundary conditions will be shown. This video will continue the simulation process and mesh the geometry to create a finite element model.


Learn Femap Basics with 6 Introduction Videos - Femto Engineering


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