Scope of this plan is to provide guidance on the use of all the Fire Safety systems onboard. Plan is developed in line with IMO Requirements and common marine practice. Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Tags air compressors air conditioning boiler boiler blow down boilers cargo cargo pumps centrifugal pumps chemical tankers circulation system cooling water system cross head bearing oil system cylinder lube oil system diesel engines explosimeter fire detectors fire fighting fire triangle freshwater generator freshwater generator on ships heat exchangers indicator diagrams inert gas system invention of diesel engine lube oil system magnetic particle testing main bearing oil system main engine marine engineering marine engineering study materials marine main switch board meo class exam questions panting pid controller positive displacement pumps pounding proportional control pumps relief valve safeties in main switch board sewage treatment plant smoke detectors stp systems of main engine types of chemical tankers.

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The ship-specific emergency towing procedures booklet is considered as part of the emergency preparedness required by the ISM code. These procedures should be implemented by the crew in time of emergency towing and shall be based on the existing arrangements and equipment on board the vessel.

It involves procedures for cargo units, including containers, that shall be stowed and secured throughout the voyage. This manual is designed to provide effective training and all the necessary information needed for efficient safety measures to be implemented in case of incidents involving fire on board.

It is designed to provide all the necessary instructions and information needed by the crew for general safety on board involving the use of life-saving appliances. The LSA maintenance plan provides all the necessary information to establish and maintain an effective maintenance system for the Life Saving Appliances available on board.

Due to this regulation, all vessels must carry ship-specific plans and procedures for recovery of persons from the water. Equipment which is intended to be used and the measures to be followed for recovery purposes must be identified. The plans and procedures under this regulation must be considered as part of the emergency preparedness plan required by paragraph 8 of the ISM Code. SOLAS technical manuals. This plan is required for all vessels carrying cargoes which need securing.


Fire Training Manual & Fire Safety Operational Booklet

LTD January Page 2. LTD January Page 3. II-2, Reg. Finally, Part 2 contains ship specific information regarding the fire-fighting equipment available onboard the ship.


Training Manual as per SOLAS for Fire Fighting

Embed Size px x x x x The purpose of the Manual is to provide all crew-members with instructions and information about the following: 1. Safe operation of the vessel in relation to fire safety; 2. Safe operation of cargo handling operations in relation to fire safety 3. Fire Safety Precautions for cargo handling; 5. Reference to applicable Codes for fire fighting and emergency cargo handling procedures. It should be read in conjunction with other ship specific information, and interpreted as applicable for individual vessels.


SOLAS: Fire Training Manual (incl. Fire Safety Ops)


LEI 11334 PDF

Fire Safety Operational Booklet / Fire Training Manual


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