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Introduction page 13 - Chapter 2. Paper Handling Features and Maintenance and Troubleshoot Emulation and Software Optio Hardware Configuration Menu page - Appendix C. Options and Supplies page - Appendix D. Quick Links. Download this manual. Model Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Chapter Maintenance and Troubleshooting 93 Troubleshooting It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device pursuant to Subpart B of Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a residential installation.

Trademark Acknowledgments All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective holders. Page 9 Table of contents Page Chapter 6. Page 10 Table of contents Page Chapter Maintenance and Troubleshooting Page 11 Introduction Page Chapter 1.

Page Chapter 2. Choose a Place for the Printer that is : level and solid Print head speeds are very high. Slide it to the right for V operation. No additional action is necessary by the user. Page Power Cords Power Cords Don't use two-wire extension cords or adapters that allow connection to ungrounded outlets.

The power cord included with printers sold for V installations in the US. International model printers are shipped with a power cord which can be used in a number of European countries. Make sure the voltage on.. If the printer beeps Note the number of beeps and call for service.

The printhead has to back away from the striker bar to provide clearance to slide the ribbon guide onto the print head nozzle. The print head automatically backs away from the striker bar any time the printer is turned on and there is no paper in front of the print head. Page 18 The ribbon will still work like this. Turn the ribbon advance knob to tighten the ribbon fabric. Page 20 It should snap down into place with moderate pressure.

Find the ribbon drive Look down into the printer toward the left side and notice a small spindle.. Page 21 Seat the cartridge on the Place the cartridge down in the printer about where it should go and ribbon drive spindle..

Turn the ribbon advance knob clockwise and feel the ribbon drive gears turning in the printer. Page Removing The Ribbon When ribbon guide has been removed from the print nozzle, remove the ribbon cartridge by placed a hand at both ends of the cartridge and lifting the ribbon cartridge up and off the cartridge supports.

The procedure for loading sprocket-feed paper is the same for the rear, front, or bottom paper paths. Page Page 25 Put paper in the far Make sure the leading edge of the paper is parallel with the tractor tractor and close the shafts.

You must have the same number of pins engaged on both door. Make sure that the paper is loaded in the tractors that correspond to the paper path selection. If paper did not load, take it out of the tractors and pull the jammed paper out of the printer from the tractor side and try again with a new sheet. If this gap is too tight, characters will smudge. If the gap is too large, characters will be light and ragged, the printer will be noisy, and print head wear will accelerate.

Page Attach To A Data Source If a paper rack will be used with the printer, connect the ground strap to the back of the printer at tab s provided next to the interface plate. The printer is not guaranteed to hold specified line registration for the first inch of the first form.

This also applies to cut sheets loaded from the manual paper path. Page Chapter 3. Control Panel Chapter 3. Control Panel The control panel keys do different things depending on whether the printer is online, offline, or in a menu. Any button function associated with the menu is shown on the panel with blue lettering.

This section assumes that the printer is set up as shipped, because it is possible to selectively lock out keys from the printed menu.

Page 34 When the printer is online, it can print received data. When it is offline, printer settings can be changed, and test patterns and status reports can be Former printed.

Page Lcd Menu Format Selects a format. This printer-control protocol is the native language of the printer. Page Status Sheet Status Sheet A status sheet can be printed that shows how the printer is presently configured the active format is printed.

This can be an invaluable reference when something is changed or a prior configuration needs to be used. When the printer is configured for a particular print job, print and save the status sheet for later use. Page Chapter 4. Printed Menu Chapter 4. Printed Menu Experiment with the printed menu to see how it works.

To keep the printer as originally configured, select Abort instead of Save when exiting the printed menu. This menu is printed in English only. A menu list of seven selections should be printed. The LCD indicates what numbers Enter were entered, but the printout shows what to do next. Page Margins For Menu Listings Margins for Menu Listings In the printed menu, the lists of options are designed to be printed with a left margin of 0 inches and a right margin of at least 8.

If the margins selected are greater than the left margin of 0 inches and less than the right margin of 8.

Page 45 Micro DP Gothic Micro LQ Gothic Page 47 1 Start, 8 Data, 1 Stop 2. Page 48 4. Page Chapter 5. Control Panel Lockouts Chapter 5. Enter If the printer is turned offline, then online, lights flash and a prompt to enter the combination is displayed. The Online Lock may be set from the host by sending an escape sequence. Page Chapter 6. Formats Chapter 6. Formats What Is A Format? A format is a set of operating parameters, which are stored in nonvolatile RAM. There are four stored formats and one active format.

The first two selections under this submenu Prnt:Stat and PR Format will print all information about all formats. It is always a good idea to keep a current copy of the status and formats printout for future reference. Page Formats Auto-Execute On Paper Path Change Formats Auto-execute on Paper Path Change As shipped, when the paper path is changed, the printer will set the active format to the stored format that is assigned to the new paper path.

If the previous active format has not been saved to a stored format, all settings in the previous active format are lost. The printer must be in ANSI emulation to do this. Emulations can be switched with escape sequences. Power Up to the Currently Assigned Format As shipped, the printer will power up with the setting that was in the active format Page Chapter 7.

Lcd Head Gap Menu Chapter 7. Print head gap is the distance from the print head nozzle to the striker bar. Maintaining the correct print head gap is critical to good print quality and print head life. If the gap is too small, characters will smudge and the ribbon may snag on the print wires. The print head moves back a certain distance and then forward again for half that distance.

This minimizes the effects or mechanical backlash on the accuracy of the adjustment. To make adjustments to the print gap use the following procedure: Menu Make sure the printer is in local mode the On Line light is off.


Genicom 3870 Serial Matrix Printer, 900 cps



Genicom Serial Matrix 3870 - printer - monochrome - dot-matrix Specs






Genicom 3870 User Manual


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