TRIP type steels have a multi-phase structure, which includes such phases as: aus-tenite, bainite, ferrite and martensite. The presence of so many co-existing phases creates difficulties in their accurate identification. One of the methods used to identify the components of the microstructure is color metallography. Methods of color met-allography in contrary to some methods of microstructure identification e.

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We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. The paper presents continuous cooling transformation CCT diagram of selected low-alloy steel with high resistance to abrasion. During the dilatometric research, the critical temperatures were defined as well as the critical points specified for different cooling rates were designated. In addition, metallographic documentation of received microstructures after dilatometric investigations was prepared and hardness measurement was performed.

The increase in the austenitizing temperature caused changes in the temperature of M S and in the size of the martensite laths. What is more, the increase in the austenitizing temperature in the case of the analyzed steel caused a displacement of the bainitic and diffusion transformations to longer times.

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Gladman, Aluminium nitride in steel, Int. Download references. Reprints and Permissions. The influence of austenitization temperature on phase transformations of supercooled austenite in low-alloy steels with high resistance to abrasion wear. Eng 18, — Download citation. Received : 10 May Accepted : 03 September Published : 02 November Issue Date : June Search SpringerLink Search. Download PDF. Abstract The paper presents continuous cooling transformation CCT diagram of selected low-alloy steel with high resistance to abrasion.

References [1] P. You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. View author publications. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article.


Application of color etching to study the microstructure of TRIP steel after laser remelting






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