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With three choices for easy, automatic cooking, having a family meal on a busy week night is possible. Sit down to juicy pot roast, savory roasted chicken, or pulled pork barbeque. What you make and how you cook it are up to you. Set the slow cooker to the desired meat temperature and it will automatically shift to warm when the temperature is reached.

It will switch to warm when the set time is complete. This setting allows you to choose high, low, or keep warm and the cooker will stay at that temperature. You can also insert the thermometer probe and the internal temperature of your meat will appear on the display as it cooks. In addition to the three cooking choices and the temperature probe, it also is equipped with protection during a brief power outage.

This feature keeps it on during those unexpected, brief outages, so when you come home your clocks might be blinking but your meal is hot and ready to serve. Cooking side dishes or dessert Main courses, soups, and one-pot meals are not the only things slow cookers are great for preparing. They are also perfect for making side dishes and desserts, especially when your main oven is full.

Make everything from bread pudding to caramel apples in this versatile appliance. Looking for more tips? Stay up-to-date on the hottest food trends with our blog, discover a new favorite dish with recipes from our Test Kitchen, access your account, and so much more.

Add to Wishlist. Created to fit your lifestyle, this slow cooker is easy to use and a snap to clean. Automatic Cooking Choices Probe Set to the desired meat temperature. Automatically shifts to keep warm when temperature is reached.

Program Set the cooking time. Automatically shifts to keep warm when time is up. Manual Select high, low, or keep warm without setting a time. As food cooks, the illuminated display on the control panel will alternate between the heat setting and the remaining time.

Using the Probe Mode For many foods, especially large cuts of meat, the internal temperature is the best test for doneness. The temperature probe takes the guesswork out of slow cooking. Select the desired internal food temperature and the slow cooker will automatically shift to WARM once the temperature is reached. By using the cooking guide for the PROBE mode you can estimate the amount of time the food will need to cook.

However, this does not mean to fill the crock with liquid. If cooking soups or stews, leave a 2-inch 5 cm space between the top of the crock and the food so the recipe can come to a simmer. If you lift the lid during cooking, your cooking time will increase due to heat loss. Unless your recipe specifically calls for stirring, resist lifting the lid. If you want to store leftovers after cooking, do NOT place the entire crock in the refrigerator since contents will take too long to cool.

Instead, divide leftovers into smaller containers and place in the refrigerator. Cooking Meat A slow cooker is great for foods that are not naturally tender, such as meat with a lot of connective tissue.

These are the least-expensive cuts but also the most flavorful. Like braising, slow cookers tenderize meat slowly as it cooks. If fat is an issue, refrigerate the contents after cooking and skim off the extra fat before serving.

Note: you must thaw frozen meat and poultry before adding it to the slow cooker. They are also perfect for making side dishes and dessert, especially when your main oven is full. Use and Care Guide. Crock - Black 6Qt Programable. Flat Silicone Lid.

Stretchy Lid. Slow Cooker. Slow Cooker Basic Shredded Chicken. Slow Cooker Easy Mashed Potatoes. Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken. Slow Cooker Cheeseburger Soup. Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Soup. Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli. Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Ham. Thank you for signing up! You'll receive a confirmation email from us shortly. Air Purifiers. Breakfast Burrito Maker. Breakfast Sandwich Makers. Coffee Grinders. Commercial Products. Electric Kettles.

Electric Knives. Electric Spiralizers. Espresso Machines. Food Dehydrators. Food Processors. Garment Steamers. Ice Cream Makers. Induction Cooktops. Knife Sharpeners. Odor Eliminators. Popcorn Poppers. Sous Vide Archive. Keep Shopping.


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