The Huntron Tracker was the longtime mainstay of the Huntron benchtop product line. Thousands of Tracker s were sold over the years with the last ones being manufactured in late If you are considering the purchase of a Huntron Tracker, be sure to examine what your test needs require. Although the Tracker was a great product, the range selection capabilities of the Tracker were somewhat limited in that they are not well suited for lower voltage components used on today's typical electronic PCB. This was caused by the horizontal voltage scale being too high the LOW range voltage was 10Vpk making the horizontal scale 2. This issue was remedied with the release of Trackers that used variable ranging such as the Tracker and Tracker S.

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The Huntron Tracker , is a versatile troubleshooting tool having the following' features:. LED indicators for all functions. Dual channel capability for easy comparison. The Tracker is a general purpose troubleshooting test instrument. It qualitatively evaluates digital, analog, and hybrid semiconductor devices, as well as capacitive and inductive devices, in or out of circuit, in a power off state. The Tracker operates by providing an ac stimulus to the component or circuit under test and displaying the resultant current and voltage levels and their phase relationship.

The Tracker display indicates any component leakage, shorts, opens, noise, plus any combination of these problems caused by physical flaws. These test leads plug into the front panel test jacks of the Tracker and have special tips that allow contact with very small component terminals and printed circuit board traces without the danger of touching adjacent component leads and terminals.

This test lead is used in the alternate mode of operation,. Service and User Manual. Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable. Start Free Download. Huntron Instruments. Measurement instruments. Test Set.


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