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Search Search for. Navigation Academics Research The Institute. Published Published All Publications Search for. Show all results. Author s. Easy Vlies 4. Warp-knitted spacer textiles as tissue replacement in transparent medicine.

Recycling von Textilbeton. Polymer optical fibers with non-circular cross-sections for pressure sensing. Control of optical and mechanical properties of polymer fibers by heat, pressure and strain treatment during fabrication.

Getting Small Medium Enterprises started on Industry 4. Niemeyer, C. Automated patch production for composite repairs. Part automated method for repairing composite parts. Systematic investigation of modified melt spinning manufacturing parameters on the structural properties of graded index polymer optical fibers.

Monte-Carlo simulation model for polymer optical fiber fabrication : influence of parameters such as the cooling rate, pressure and polymer chain length on the optical and mechanical properties. Increasing the sustainability of composite manufacturing processes by using algorithm-based optimisation and evaluation for process chain design.

State-of-the art report Context : smart textiles for sportswear and wearables WG5. Pursche, Franz Gerhard. Investigation of surface modification and volume content of glass and carbon fibres from fibre reinforced polymer waste for reinforcing concrete. Semi-automated geometry-independent determination of the shape factor of non-circular fibers. Connected process chains in smart textiles. Coenen, Jan W. Development and implementation of an ontology to support the product development of smart textiles using open innovation platforms.

Use of radiation-curing adhesive systems on non-transparent joining parts by using polymer optical fibres. Heins, Kira. Gehrke, Inga Lutz, Volker. Abstandsgewirke als Gewebeersatz in der Transplantationsmedizin.

Schmelzeisen, David. Poly 4-methylpentene as a semicrystalline polymeric matrix for gas separating membranes. Bell, Erik G. Potapov, Irina Gries, Thomas. Oppitz, Sebastian. Effect of process parameters on additive-free electrospinning of regenerated silk fibroin nonwovens. GaplessWeave process for higher-quality carbon fibre fabrics.

False twist-texturing at the Institute for Textile Technology Aachen. Development of a hybrid yarn and pultrusion structure for the improved production and quality of thermoplastic matrix composites. Cellulose in textile technology : an opportunity for the bio-economy? Experimental and numerical studies of process variabilities in biaxial carbon fiber braids. Middendorf, Peter Gries, Thomas. Adsorption and superficial transport of oil on biological and bionic superhydrophobic surfaces: a novel technique for oil-water separation.

Barthlott, Wilhelm Moosmann, M. Azad, M. A bioresorbable textile based bone scaffold for critical sized defects : numerical modelling of degradation behaviour. Caronna, Flavia Shirazi, Reyhaneh N.

Ronan, William. Braiding technology validation for the manufacturing of a bioresorbable stent for peripheral vessel applicatioon. New labcoater for small scale coating experiments. Scheurer, Martin Wilhelm.

Flexible autoclave : development of a flexible and modulary expandable textile-based autoclave for the production of composites. Development of an induction-based braidtrusion process for the production of thermoplastic profiles.

Development of a hybrid yarn and pultrusion structure for efficient production of thermoplastic profiles. Social Media facebook linkedin xing youtube instagram.


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In: Tagungsband 4. In: 8. Fachtagung Walzprofilieren, Bamberg, pp. November , pp.



This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Preview Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Schrifttum Andresen, U. Konstruktion 27 —. Drum and bugle corps Drum patterns Drum rudiments Instrumentals March music Military traditions Military music Percussion performance techniques Musical instrument stubs. This is flashy, fun, eye grabbing, and may reflect great skill, but often in solos, the tempo is lost and will sound horrible with the rest of the line.



Apache Solr Cookbook will make your everyday work easier by using. Apache Solr Cookbook. Publisher: Packt Publishing. Start reading. Indexing PDF files The library on the corner that we used to go to wants to expand its collection and make it available for the wider public through the World. The book will make your search better, more accurate and faster with practical recipes on essential topics such as SolrCloud, querying data, search faceting, text and data analysis, and cache configuration.


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