It was impossible not to be drawn in by its outrageous sounds and its quirky wooden 'toilet seat' surround. What went down less well was the price — about the same as an economy car! Because of its stratospheric price, the Wavedrum faded from view and seemed doomed to be consigned to history. The Wavedrum's rear panel hosts connections for the 9V power supply, quarter-inch left and right outputs, and headphone out and aux in, the last two on 3.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 2: Precautions Be careful not to let metal objects get into the equipment. If something does slip into the equipment, unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet.

Then contact your nearest Korg dealer or the store where the equipment was pur- chased. In some situa- Assigning programs to buttons 1— Page 4: Introduction This is convenient for live performances. By using subtle motions of your fin- gers or hand to strike, rub, or scratch the WAVEDRUM, loop phrases or by playing it using sticks, mallets, or brushes, you can Page 6: Preparations inch three-arm snare stand.

Page 7: Performing You can play along with these loop phrases See page These combina- will be saved. Page 10 These amounts can be varied to synthesize the sound of instruments or other sound-pro- ducing objects that could not exist in reality. Global — Common C o : Here you can set the pan follow Page Parameter List Parameter list available parameters will differ depending on whether E d 1 Edit 1 Edit 1 mode 5.

Algorithm Select A L G is set to a sin- gle-size algorithm Page 13 Parameter list Edit 1 E d 1 Page. For the rim, you can choose settings that are appropriate for performing by rubbing the notches. This setting uses the head EQ and 1. Page Global G L B 1. Page Single-Size Algorithm ing the value of one parameter will change the way that Single-size algorithm the other parameters affect the sound.

Max Default Value brighter, and as it is decreased the sound will become darker. Page 17 Filter EG Depth With a setting of 0, the pitch of the is applied to the noise sound according to how hard you drum and the left string will be identical, and the right strike.

Page 20 When the WAVEDRUM is played normally, only the tam- The characteristic sound of the tabla is produced by bura will sound, and when you press the head the sitar using the fingers to mute one area of the skin as the head will be heard as well. Page 22 in the hand.

Page 23 Parameter list Single-size algorithm You can select the type of scale and specify the range of 20 Koto striking force that corresponds to the octave of notes in This algorithm produces the sound of the Japanese Koto. This parameter modifies the overtones of the drum sound. Page Double-Size Algorithms hd5: Brightness Double-size algorithms are organized into three types, hd6: Slap Level Algorithms of This parameter adjusts the level of the vibrating sound the same type have the same parameters.

Page Appendix Doing so will cause deformation and pos- also use 10" drum heads made by Remo Inc. Page Calibration 0. After the value reaches 0, turn the wrench an addi- respond accurately, given the head tension and the state tional 45 degrees. If a problem is See page 6 found, one of the following error messages is shown. Print page 1 Print document 32 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Korg Wavedrum

The Wavedrum Oriental is a wonderful electronic instrument. The sensors rather behave like microphones or the pickup in an electric guitar; the signals of the four sensors—one sensor for the drum head, one sensor on the left and another on the right of the metal rim, and a pressure sensor in the centre of the drum—are used to control drum synthesizer algorithms whose output can be mixed with PCM samples. As a result, the instrument feels a lot like a real drum, a feat that cannot easily be achieved with devices that use simple velocity-sensitive sample triggers. For all its magic, the Wavedrum also has a number of flaws.


Korg Wavedrum Easy Start

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. Korg's Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer has returned! With a combination of powerful. Mount the Wavedrum securely to any standard snare drum stand, or set on any level surface. Your Wavedrum has a replaceable inch drum head, whose tightness will affect its response, just like an acoustic drum. Here's how to set up the Wavedrum for the best playing experience:.


Hacking the Wavedrum



Korg WAVEDRUM Owner's Manual


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