I'm in the market for a or gig FireWire hard drive for backup and storage, and in reading up on them I don't really see one that stands head and shoulders above the rest. I also read Macworld magazine's recent FireWire hard drive comparison test July issue. They were rated all the same except for fussing over documentation and such. So I figure I'd just drive over to my local computer shop and buy whatever.

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Please wait. Your basket is empty Show basket. Your basket is empty. Show basket Hide basket. This product is no longer available. If you want the fastest CD writer available, you won't go far wrong with the StudioDrive. Progress in the world of CD writing and rewriting continues apace. The Lacie StudioDrive is a fast-speed device and comes in Lacie's silver and blue casing.

And it's fast, blazingly fast. An entire CD can be burned in three minutes, which equates to a throughput of 3. And if you want to copy data to a rewritable CD, the StudioDrive will do that in no time. The StudioDrive also features buffer underrun technology, which allows the drive to record seamlessly between the beginning and end of the recording, even though the data stream from the computer may not be continuous.

This prevents errors caused by buffer underrun. When used in conjunction with compatible software, this allows CD burning to be carried out in the background. The StudioDrive connects to your computer via a FireWire interface, and being a full-size device, it has its own power supply that must be connected when using the drive. Product Description.

DS 009-05 TR PDF

Hard Drive Design by F.A. Porsche

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LaCie StudioDrive hard drive - 20 GB - FireWire Series Specs

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