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Amagat's law or the Law of Partial Volumes of describes the behaviour and properties of mixtures of ideal as well as some cases of non-ideal gases.

Of use in chemistry and thermodynamics , Amagat's law states that the volume V m of a gas mixture is equal to the sum of volumes V i of the K component gases, if the temperature T and the pressure p remain the same: [ 1 ].

This is the experimental expression of volume as an extensive quantity. It is named after Emile Amagat. Both Amagat's and Dalton's Law predict the properties of gas mixtures. Their predictions are the same for ideal gases. However, for real non-ideal gases, the results differ.

Amagat's Law assumes that the volumes of each component gas same temperature and pressure are additive; the interactions of the different gases are the same as the average interactions of the components. The interactions can be interpreted in terms of a second virial coefficient , B T , for the mixture. For two components, the second virial coefficient for the mixture can be expressed as:. The cross term, B 1,2 , of the mixture is given by:. When the volumes of each component gas same temperature and pressure are very similar, then Amagat's law becomes mathematically equivalent to Vegard's law for solid mixtures.

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Amagat's law



Ley De Los Vol├║menes Parciales De Amagat


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